What is End Stage?

end stage medical marijuana patient

All but three of the eight qualifying conditions for Georgia’s low THC medical marijuana oil law require that the patient be suffering from a disease that is severe or life threatening. In other words, if a patient has cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, Parkinson’s Disease or Sickle Cell Disease and wants to treat his or her illness with medical marijuana they must be so far advanced in their condition that their is little or no hope of treating them.

This is backward!

Medical marijuana has been shown in each and every one of those conditions to not just make a dying patient comfortable, but to actively treat and sometimes repair damage done by these horrible conditions. The time to give potentially lifesaving medicine to a patient is not after it is already too late. Qualifying patients at all stages of their illness should be given access to medical marijuana in order to treat their condition in a way that the patient and the doctor see fit.

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