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Marijuana in a greenhouse

Why would we tell a half-million Georgia citizens that they are allowed to use medical marijuana but fail to provide a safe, legal way for them to access it?

Why wouldn’t we want to realize the economic impact of growing, producing and distributing our own medicine in-state?

Here are 10 jobs that would be created if the state of Georgia would legalize the in-state production, processing and distribution of medical marijuana.

  1. Cannabis growers– There’d be no cannabis industry without growers. Many of today’s growers are college graduates in botany or horticulture or people with years of growing experience.
  2. Dispensary operators– Storefront cannabis dispensaries require owners and operators with the entrepreneurial sense to manage not only their suppliers, growers and employees, but to make sure their businesses operate within the limits of ever-changing local regulations.
  3. Dispensary employees– Marijuana retailers need a large number of employees to service customers, manage stock, meet state guidelines, etc.
  4. Security guards– Marijuana dispensaries and retail stores often deal in a lot of cash. Combine a lot of cash with something as popular as marijuana and you’ve got a whole new security industry.
  5. Renewably energy specialists– There’s a growing movement to make the cannabis industry as green as possible. Several solar panel companies across the country are helping growers harness the sun’s abundant rays to power their lighting rigs without sucking electricity from fossil fuel sources. These solar companies employ sales reps, consultants and installers, too.
  6. Delivery drivers– Some cannabis patients, like those who are wheelchair-bound, may have difficulty making it to a dispensary or grower. Drivers work independently or with storefront dispensaries to deliver cannabis to such patients.
  7. Laboratory technicians– State regulation requires testing of cannabis for things like cannabinoid content, pesticides and mold.
  8. Marketing agencies– Like any business, cannabis-related operations need to be able to advertise their product or service.
  9. Attorneys– Licensing and compliance for dispensary owners is both an extensive as well as an expensive process. Attorneys specializing in marijuana law will be needed to help setup businesses and guide owners through the tricky waters.
  10. Government employees– Regulation requires people to review applications, enforcement agents, tax collectors and office staff. Marijuana legalization not only creates these important government jobs, it pays for their salary as well.

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